Toddler Slippers – Make Sure Your Little One Has Comfy Feet

The key feature of slippers is that they keep our feet warm and that is their sole purpose (forgive the pun). There are some other benefits of toddler slippers though, including underfoot protection and preventing slips and falls.

Slippers are a must for any toddler, especially in the winter months. A comfortable, warm toddler is a happy toddler. The thing about very young children is that they don’t always know how to communicate with us. They could be uncomfortable, cold, hot, or there could be any number of complaints they have that we just don’t get straight away.

With that in mind, as toddlers get older they get better at communicating with us and one thing I have noticed about my little girl is she gets very cold feet. In the mornings we get out of bed and go downstairs for breakfast; the cold hard kitchen floor tiles are no place for a toddler’s feet without some form of protection. That is unless you have under floor heating, of course. If you do, lucky you!

Preventing slips and falls is easy with a non-slip sole. Most slippers, both adult and child, are made with a non-slip sole. The reason is obvious and a good quality sole is essential for toddler slippers. Remember the tiles kitchen floor I mentioned earlier? Bare feet, socks, and footed pajamas could all contribute to a toddler slipping over and hurting themselves. Carpets are not so bad but certainly the harder smoother floors are a hazard.

Underfoot protection is important because a little toddler gets about and any small bit of debris they tread on could cause pain or cause them to fall over. You would love to keep your home free from anything that could harm your toddler but, unfortunately, you cannot completely prevent that. Take, for example, a small piece of glass walked in from the street on the bottom of your shoe. You will not see it until it’s too late and potentially stuck in the sole of your child’s foot.

So, as your baby turns into a toddler and you start shopping for the all-important things your little one needs, please don’t forget to buy slippers form them like heated slippers for cold weather. Simply follow the links below to find out more about the types of slippers available for toddlers, the features they include and the benefits they provide. There are some great looking slippers available too; style and preference are still important to a toddler remember.

Funny slippers are also best for kids. They enjoy and love wearing it as they like it. It must also be good to buy this for them so that they will surely use it and wears it anytime of the day. So, you will be more secure and confident that their feet are always protected. As such, most of the moms out there will finally decide to buy slippers for their kids. All the parents in the world are wanted to give what is best for their child.

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Toddler Slippers – A Dad’s Experience

Every toddler should have a pair of slippers. I am going to describe some tips for you when choosing a pair of toddler slippers.

Safety First

Being a first time dad, I am always thinking of safety before other things. I am sure that as time goes by I will be less neurotic about such things. Something my daughter has done a few times is slip over on the hard tiled kitchen floor at home. So, when I started looking for her slippers I looked at the soles. I was looking for a good quality, non-slip sole. Whether that is rubber or something else similar it has to be non-slip. Another thing I was keen to test is how the slippers fitted her feet. I got her to choose some pairs to try from the shelf and had her walk around in them. Some were too flimsy and ill-fitting that her feet were sliding off the side of the soles and she found it difficult to walk safely in them. Others were better as they had more support as well as giving comfort.

Durability & Value For Money

Like many others I look to get the best I can afford at the time. I am a great believer in the saying “you get what you pay for” and even they are not the biggest purchase I will make for her I still want my little girl’s toddler slippers to be the best I can find. Each pair she chose and tried on I got hold of them and gave them a push and a pull here and there. I was testing the stitching of the upper where it is attached to the sole. I twisted the sole to see how firm they were or whether they were too soft. Before we went, I had already looked online at what was available, how they were rated and reviewed. I would be disappointed if the slippers I bought her only lasted a few weeks or even just a couple of months.

Take Them Along To Choose Their Own

I recently took my 20 months old daughter to buy her first pair of slippers. I had already got her a toddler backpack and I am now working my way through the list of must haves to keep her happy. As she seems to be developing her own little personality and knows exactly what she wants (but not why) I thought it’d be easier to take her along to choose her own. By letting her choose her own slippers, I think she will enjoy wearing them more and actually get some use from them. There is always a danger as parents that we make choices for our little ones that don’t tally with what they had hoped for. I am new to this and I am still learning.

Eventually, we both chose a pair of slippers for her in a conventional style with a TV character on the front that she adores. She is ever so proud of herself as she puts them on and wears them round the house. They are comfy, warm and look great. They have a good non-slip sole that is colored to match the rest of the slipper’s design. No more slipping on the kitchen floor and, as winter approaches in a couple of months, as long as they still fit she will have nice warm feet on the cold mornings.

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Colorful Comfy Toddler Slippers

Generally, whatever we get for toddlers has to be colorful and attractive. Similarly, it is also better to use attractive and specially-designed footwear for toddlers. If you are searching for such footwear, you will find the largest range of options for the toddler slippers. If we speak about the types, they are available as the ordinary slippers with different number of belts for support or they will be available to be the special designed for toddler slippers being alone depicting any of the animals like puppies, bears, and/or the kittens, etc. The animal-shaped toddler slippers are really liked by kids, especially you can get really cute toddler slippers that are formed like popular characters from cartoon movies.

Slippers like funny slippers are designed especially for toddlers are widely available. Toddler slippers are the best footwear available for toddlers. Unlike shoes, they are much more comfortable and convenient. The reasons why they are so popular might be related to the designs in which they are available or the comfort that they and the materials used to make them provide or even their prices.

Moreover, the materials that are used for making them also provide the further options for making them look more attractive. Different buttons or add-ons are attached to them. They may be made from the materials as plastic rubber fur silk, etc. Toddler slippers with fur are especially very popular. Also attaching the false eyes made from plastic are very popular.
All these decorations are so artistically done that the toddler slippers appear as pieces of art. Some of them have lighting fitted in them, which glows with each step.

One more comforting feature of the toddler slippers is their light weight. This is very important as because of this the toddlers even forget that they are wearing any footwear or else they are quite reluctant to use footwear. Moreover, the attractiveness of the toddler slippers also plays an important role in making the toddlers wear them. Toddler footwear does not cost much and is surprisingly quite affordable. Always look into the comfort of your kids and not yours. Though they also want their chosen type and likeness, it is ultimately down to the responsibility of the parents. We need to keep in mind that design is second, and first should be the quality and the material to be used.

Also thorough care is taken that the materials used for making the toddler slippers are such that they will not harm the children under any conditions. The toddler slippers and the materials used for making them both are soft and luxurious. So, the kids will feel totally comfortable and relaxing while wearing them. Because of their smoothness and flexibility, even with the constant wear, there is no chance of occurrence of any injury. Safety is our first concern here. Our little ones are not yet ready to do anything they want. They need parents to guide them on this. The price should not really of major concern, but the material should be 100% safe for kids who use it.