Best Slippers for World Travelers

Those who travel for business know the value of keeping comfortable. What shoes to wear for long walks through the airport and how to pack your bag so it becomes easy to carry. These comfort hacks also apply to hotel accommodations. Any savvy traveler knows that personal touches from home make a transient career more manageable. It can come down to something as simple as your house slippers.

What Slippers Can Do for Business Travelers

Your house shoes are that poignant reminder of home life. The slow recline in the living room with the TV remote in your hand may be miles away, even across the ocean, yet the warmth and feel of your favorite slippers helps any international hotel feel a little less cold.

How toSelect Slippers for Travel

Good Fit

Slippers need to fit just like shoes. Make sure not to grab any random pair that seems to be your size. Try them on to know that they don’t slip from your feet too easily or fit so tightly that you feel better with them off.

Cozy Lining

Look for lined slippers. House shoes with wool or flannel lining add additional comfort to every step and keep your feet cozy and warm. Slippers without lining can feel hard and stiff.

Good Traction

Never under estimate the value of a slipper with excellent traction. You never know when you may need to step outside to grab a newspaper off an icy driveway, or walk across a freshly waxed hotel lobby floor in your slippers to speak to a concierge. Make sure your slippers have a durable tread.

Slip on, Slip off

Look for slippers that slip easily on and off. No laces or clasps. Slippers by their very name need to be effortless. This makes putting on slippers while flying one of the creature comforts travelers truly enjoy. Keep the slippers in your carry-on bag and slip them on for a long flight. This is important for international flights and global travelers are always prepared with their house shoes at the ready. Airlines like Emirates may provide you with slippers in first-class, but many travelers prefer the ones they bring from home.

Look fordiscounts on flights with Emirates to experience the slipper-wearing elegance of international flight, then don’t forget to pack your cozy footwear on your next business trip.